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Smart sourcing, smart pricing, smart solutions

BACKER is a company with leading competence in the procurement phase. We increase our skills through continuous education, experience and a will to constantly improve. By constantly improving, we develop in order to be able to reach our goal to be the leading procurement organization in area. With our know-how, experience and our leading competence databases and software’s, we support you with an efficient procurement process in order to achieve the right level of quality at the lowest price available.

Supply material and equipment’s in the right time and quality, is a key element in the execution of any project. Procurement at BACKER is managed by a force of professional experts assigned to project task forces. They are in charge of sourcing new suppliers, buying, expediting orders, inspecting the manufacturing of equipment and bulk material as well as organizing delivery and logistics. All steps are managed by a smart automated software and reliable database of manufacturers and suppliers.

BACKER is a player that sources competitively worldwide and can provide support to clients through the provision of dedicated procurement services.

At the Group level, BACKER’s Procurement organization is responsible for the coherence of procurement policies and strategies across the Group as well as the dissemination of market intelligence and trends.

Mission of BACKER’s Procurement Organization are as below:

  • •    Develop and implement procurement strategies to improve competitiveness
  • •    Own and update BACKER’s list of Approved and reliable Suppliers
  • •    Increase the supplier base through the sourcing and qualification of new suppliers and products, with a focus on High Value Procurement countries
  • •    Develop and manage long-term relationships and partnerships with BACKER’s Top Suppliers
  • •    Promote design-to-cost solutions
  • •    Gather and report information critical to operations
  • •    Ownership and enforcement of the Group’s procurement policies
  • •    Ownership and up-to-dating of a single worldwide e-procurement tool

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