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At BACKER we've committed ourselves to bring up the very best in all the solutions we create from the overall design to every little detail. Most of our solution and services can be customized so you end up with exactly the solution you want. We are an official member of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and luxuriate a close relation with Switzerland industries. But right now, we just please you to spend some of your valuable time and turn the pages and trust that everything you see has been carefully selected and mentioned with special attention to details.


We know how to manage your projects. Because projects don’t run with instructions.

Who We Are?

BACKER began its career in Tehran since early of 2002 with company was named "RANSYS". Growth of RANSYS, capability that was created within execution of various projects and our portfolio management methodology determined us to touch other industrial projects such as full range of services (engineering, procurement, construction, management consultant) in the industries as a professional body. So it was decided a new legal company who called “BACKER” to be branched form RANSYS to carrying out the professional above mentioned services. So, BACKER Solution Developer Co. was founded in Tehran, and is supported by its offices in Europe, UAE and China. We focus on engineering, procurement, construction and project management services of industrial projects especially in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical fields.

We are a privately joint stock company, with qualified technical and support personnel, specialized in the engineering, procurement and construction management/supervision who are known to our high quality and on time deliverables. One of our essential services is studying about abandoned or in running plants and developing the punch lists to making plants more efficient. To integrating management processes, BACKER enjoys its integrated project management methodology.

BACKER is also an official member of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and luxuriates close relation with Switzerland industries

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

OUR Services


Our vast experience, affords us the capability to provide a full spectrum of services in all phases of industrial development projects – as a single source consultant/contractor or in collaboration capacity with other organizations


BACKER is a company with leading competence in the procurement phase. We increase our skills through continuous education, experience and a will to constantly improve.

Construction and Start-Up

BACKER has unique expertise in the management of simultaneous mega-projects. Sharp and integrated methods and processes enable us to deliver projects to customer satisfaction and the highest standards in Time, Safety and Quality.



All Engineering Services such as Conceptual and Basic Design, Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), Detail Design and Procurement Services

Time, Scope, Risk, Cost, Resource, Human, Communication, Procurement, Stakeholder Management as MC based on BACKER Integrated Project Management Methodology.

Design and Implementation of Integrated Project Management Software to manage all business process of Projects or Organizations.

Provide all commercial services and Supply required Equipment and Material of industrial plants especially in the field of Instruments and Mechanical Packages.

Provide the Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up services for the live and abandoned Projects.

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

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